Our progress in the midst of unusual circumstances has been remarkable, but the next chapter still remains to be written. We have more to do to reach our $300 million goal and secure our financial future. In particular we must focus our efforts on capital improvements, which enhance the student experience, and on the continued growth of our endowment, which bolsters us against unforeseen circumstances and allows us to allocate resources to students with need.

Now more than ever, we must ensure that our momentum, which has carried us through this time of crisis, does not wane. With your continued support, we will emerge on the other side–stronger, leaner, fitter, and better prepared to serve generations of future Johnnies.

Are you in? Here are some ways to answer “yes.”

» Make an immediate difference at a level that works for you.

Give now to the Fund for St. John’s and help students and tutors as they carry the Great Conversation forward. All gifts to the Fund for St. John’s, or any component of the St. John’s Annual Fund, count towards the Freeing Minds campaign.

» Take advantage of the benefits of stock gifts.

With appreciated stocks or other securities, you might be able to make a larger gift than you thought possible. In most cases you can claim a tax deduction for the full amount of the gift and avoid paying capital gains taxes. To initiate the process, please provide your broker with the following information and then email us at freeingminds@sjc.edu to let us know about your gift.

Charles Schwab (1-800-435-4000)
St. John’s Account #8410 9590
DTC #0164, Code #40

» Have a major impact on the future of the college–and our students.

The St. John’s experience depends on myriad voices united in the pursuit of wisdom. Your own personal scholarship can bring those voices together.

Download our scholarship brochure →

Current high school seniors are making some of the most important decisions of their lives against a backdrop of fear, isolation, and economic uncertainty. The St. John’s Scholarship Sprint offers a special opportunity to help recruit new Johnnies into the Class of 2025 and provide them with scholarship support for all four years of their St. John’s experience.

Endowments, like the Great Books, endure for a reason. Learn how you can make a difference that will last for all time.

Download our endowment brochure →

» Leave a legacy that costs little or nothing today.

The easiest way to make a future gift to St. John’s is through a bequest, which allows you to support the Freeing Minds campaign without drawing from your current income. If you have already remembered St. John’s in your will or plan to do so, please let us know so we can recognize you appropriately and count your gift toward our campaign goals.

» Let’s have a conversation.

Contact us at freeingminds@sjc.edu or 505-984-6109 and we can help ensure that Freeing Minds is a meaningful experience for you and for the students whose future conversations will begin with you.